Eddie the Puppet’s Road Tours

Attention P-3 Teachers – Book your stop on one of Eddie’s tours and don’t forget to check out our Super Eddie online games, videos and resources, available in both English and French!

Eddie is a loveable cat (puppet) and environmental superhero that is standing up for all the critters of the world and the environment they live in. Through humour, rhymes and song, children (grades P-3) learn the importance of keeping their neighbourhoods clean from litter and the importance of clean air, renewable energy and its conservation.

Eddie Programs

Eddie's Litterless Road Tour and the Waste-Less Lunch Challenge

Grade P-3 Focus: Waste diversion, nutrition, natural connection, empathy

The Road Tour consists of a 1-hour performance held in a classroom or gymnasium environment. The Waste-Less Lunch Challenge consists of a month-long in-class challenge, complete with tracking tools and lesson plans, as well as an optional final visit where possible.

Eddie is hitting the road to raise awareness about the garbage we humans throw around. Through an interactive presentation including humour, rhymes, songs, puppets and problem solving, children will learn the importance of not littering and keeping their neighbourhoods clean.

The Waste-Less Lunch Challenge is an extension of Eddie’s Litterless Road Tour. As part of a month-long challenge to reduce the amount of waste in their lunches, Eddie will introduce the students to a friend who lives at a local wildlife organization. This friend will share his experience with waste and how it impacts his habitat. Students will participate in a variety of teacher-led activities that, through a cross-curricular approach, will teach them about waste, health and nutrition, and how to make an impact in their communities. These activities will be provided to teachers with additional resources, support and continued curriculum-alignment.

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Eddie and the Air Out There

Grade P-3 Focus: Air quality, renewable energy, climate change

Eddie and the Air Out There consists of a 1-hour production held in a classroom or gymnasium environment. 

Eddie is a loveable cat (puppet) and environmental superhero that is standing up for all the critters of the world and the environment they live in. Through humour, rhymes and song, children learn about the importance of energy and its conservation, the air quality health index, and the exciting world of renewable energy.

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Booking information and details

How much does the program cost?

Thanks to a generous contribution from the Province of Nova Scotia – all of Clean’s school based programs are free to public schools and First Nations schools for the 2019-20 academic year. For private schools and community groups – the presentations range in cost from $3-$6 per participant. 

How long is the presentation and how many presentations can I book in 1 day?

– The presentation is approximately 60 minutes long and our puppeteer is able to deliver up to two presentations per day (Includes break in between)

What grades can I book?

Primary – Three (Mix grades welcome)

Are these programs offered in French?

The Eddie program is available in English only at this time.

How many learners can participate?

One to three classes of approximately 25 students each is preferred, but accommodations can be made for larger or smaller groups.

When is this program offered?

This program is offered between September and June.

What type of space is needed?

Any classroom, library or gymnasium will work (depends on the number of learners attending). There needs to be space large enough to accommodate a 4-foot long table with room enough to move around behind the table. 

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