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Youth groups  learn with us!

Clean Foundation is excited to offer free programming to support local chapters of youth groups such as Guides, Scouts, 4-H and others! These fun, interactive and memorable sessions promote science literacy, environmental awareness and community-based climate action.


Through our programs, youth groups can learn about water and carbon cycles, explore the important roles of our forests and oceans and work together to find sustainable solutions to climate challenges. Read about our themed sessions below to learn more and find the best fit for your group!

Available Workshops

Water Ways (suggested ages: 5-9)

Duration: 0.5-2 hours

Cost: Free

See the water cycle as you never have before! This session dives into how water moves in our natural world, through observation, experimentation and condensation! A stream of experiments will get youth in the flow and thinking about the properties of water, while a fun and engaging game will get them moving and circulating. Youth will reflect on some changes that they and their households can make to ensure the health of our freshwater systems for generations to come!

Carbon Nation (suggested ages: 9-12)

Duration: 0.5-2 hours

Cost: Free

Carbon Nation? It’ll be a sensation! With this program, youth will explore the carbon cycle, gaining an understanding of why switching to renewable energy and preserving the world’s forests and oceans is so important. Using experiments and observation, youth will explore what carbon sources and sinks are through playing a fun game! We’ll also take a look at some household and community actions that youth can take to support the healthy, natural balances between carbon sources and sinks, as well as explore other forms of climate action!

Characters of Change (suggested ages: 12+)

Duration: 0.5-2 hours

Cost: Free

In a world facing climate challenges, how can we work together to find sustainable solutions? This session will focus on how to take action to combat climate change, using games to get youth thinking and collaborating. By celebrating examples of youth and organizations who are characters of positive change, youth will leave this session with the inspiration and resources they need to start to take community-based climate action themselves!

To Note: Each of these sessions involves physical activity. Please inform our Environmental Educators if any of your participants will require special accommodation for this or any other reason.

Book your session now using our quick and easy booking form, or by contacting our Environmental Educators at!

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