‘I Wonder…’ Programs

We designed ‘I wonder…’, webinars for maximum engagement and fun, while sparking curiosity and aligning with curriculum outcomes.

Each program is supported with pre- and post- activities for learners to dive deeper into the subject matter, ask their own questions, and make connections. Webinars run at 1 hour, but we are adaptable based on your schedule and time availability.

Program Descriptions

I wonder what renewable energy looks like? (Ideal for: Grade 6)

Learners will get an introduction into how electricity is generated and how that differs between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Nova Scotian renewable energy examples are highlighted.

I wonder what our coastline will look like in 100 years? (Ideal for: Grade 7)

Learners will understand how erosion and deposition on land and coastlines occur and how these processes have been and could be affected by human activity in the future.

I wonder why the greenhouse effect is so important? (Ideal for: Grade 8)

Learners will get the basics of how the greenhouse effect works and how humans have caused it to occur more quickly. The webinar concludes with what we are now doing to solve this problem.

I wonder how meteorologists measure the weather? (Ideal for: Grade 10)

Participants will learn how meteorologists measure weather (short term) and climatologists predict climate change (long term) and what they predict based on proposed scientific solutions.

Program Details

Program length: 1 hour each, with supporting pre- and post-activities to support curriculum-alignment and students’ curiosity.

Tech Requirements: Classrooms will need to join on a computer or device (preferably with webcam), via a solid internet connection. We strongly recommend a screen at the front of the room for learners to see. Learners may also join via individual devices.

Some easy-to-find materials may be required for pre- or post- webinar activities.

Fees: These webinars are offered for free to Nova Scotian schools in the 2022-2023 school year.

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