PEI New Home Construction Incentives

New home builds in PEI could be eligible for up to $5,000 in energy efficiency rebates.

About the New Home Construction Incentives

Are you building a new home in PEI? You could be eligible for rebates if your design meets certain energy efficiency requirements. By building with a focus on energy efficiency, you can create a home that’s comfortable in all seasons, costs less to heat and has a reduced impact on the environment.

Clean Foundation is partnering with efficiencyPEI to offer the New Home Construction Program for $99, which includes an evaluation of your plans and follow-up assessment by a certified energy advisor. 

Available rebates

There are two tiers of rebates available for participants in the New Home Construction Program:

  • For ENERGY STAR® for New Homes or EnerGuide rating of 20 per cent better than code, you’ll receive a rebate of $2,000.
  • For R2000 or EnerGuide rating of 50 per cent better than code, you’ll receive a rebate of $5,000.

Call 1-800-665-5377 or email to have your plans assessed and/or learn more about the program.

Eligibility Requirements


Your home is being built in PEI.


Construction has not started.


You can submit your building plans to us for evaluation before the footings are poured.

New Home Construction Incentives Step-by-Step

Contact us on 1-800-665-5377 or email to submit your building plans for evaluation.

We will provide recommendations to improve your design and communicate with your builder to ensure they’re included once construction begins.

After the home is built, have a certified energy advisor perform a follow-up assessment and award your ENERGY STAR or EnerGuide rating. This must occur within 12 months of the home being completed.

Submit your ENERGY STAR or EnerGuide rating to receive your rebate.

Apply for a New Home Construction Incentive

Call 1-800-665-5377 province wide or email to submit your design.

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