Clean Lager

Teaming up with community partners to educate about climate change.

Why beer?

Partnerships are important to us. We couldn’t do what we do without them. The communities where we work are important to us too and we’re always keen to collaborate and support local organizations.

Our recent collaboration is a fun one for us. Teaming up with New Scotland Brewing Co. for a special run of Clean Lager. It’s a 4-pack with engaging designs and information to raise awareness of climate change.

We are in a climate emergency. Climate change needs to be talked about, but not in a way that creates anxiety. The impacts of climate change can be mitigated. We want to encourage people to look at ways they can make climate change actions in their everyday life.

Now is the time to reach new audiences. This is why we’ve teamed up with New Scotland Brewing Co. to put our messages in front of an already established audience.

Starting Friday, July 29, 2022 you can purchase the 4-pack and t-shirt through New Scotland Brewing Co. Proceeds raised through sales will go to support climate change awareness education through our programs.

Please drink responsibly. Must be 19 or older.

Local talent helps spread the word

Work of four of our five program teams has been captured on labels designed by local artists. Nova Scotia is home to many talented artists, and we wanted to provide a platform for them to share their work.

Emily Clark

Clean Transportation design
There aren’t many issues in this world that affect everyone the way that climate change does. As dark as it can seem, I’m optimistic that we have the potential to unite people and bring great change.

I’ve had my hand in something creative my whole life, now working as a freelance designer and illustrator. It’s always exciting when I see an opportunity to work with a community organization that does such great work.

Instagram: @eelisabethstudio

Anisa Francoeur

Workforce Development design

I don’t know why I gravitate towards art and design, but it’s always been my go-to. I was the artsy kid in school and will be for my entire life. Protecting the ocean is a natural instinct for me, growing up right here in Dartmouth and constantly on the beach. I’ve actually always wanted my art on a can, and when I saw that this project was focused on the environment and sustainability, I thought it would be a great opportunity.

Instagram: @anisafrancoeur

Neil Molloy

Clean Coasts design
I’ve been an artist my whole life. As I’ve grown and changed, so has my art. I love seeing my art positively impact other people, like the look on someone’s face when I give them a piece of my work. I think art is an essential part of life.

We need to protect our planet as stewards of this land. Whether we have a negative impact or a positive impact on our planet comes down to our decisions. I learned about Clean and the work they’re doing with Native communities, and it made me want to get involved in this project. I’m also a fan of great local craft beer.

Instagram: @redpowwuh

Daramfon Morgan

Clean Energy design
I love expressing myself and telling people’s stories in the most vivid way I can. I got into art as an avenue for self-expression, focusing on acrylic and watercolour and eventually starting digital art three years ago. I also thought this would be a unique opportunity to share a message, educate and create awareness on an important issue in a very creative way.

Climate change has an impact on everyone. From our health to the ecosystem and even the economy, we’ve seen examples of what climate change can do. It’s a global problem and requires a global solution – and I’d like to be a part of that change in any way I can.

Instagram: @DCMArtCreations

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Clean Coasts Design

Workforce Development Design

Clean Energy Design

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