Clean Ocean Summit

Across the globe, we are all affected by the declining health of the ocean. In Atlantic Canada, we are especially concerned because we are on the front lines of the marine waste challenge. Our livelihoods, our lifestyles, our cultures, our traditions, all depend on having a clean ocean, and we want to preserve the health of our oceans for generations to come.

We know there are already many successful small-scale prevention, reduction, and remediation projects in this region, so Clean took the initiative to bring the change-makers behind these initiatives together to drive the potential for collective impact. In 2018 and again in 2019, Clean hosted the Clean Ocean Summit – a multi-stakeholder forum where major players from diverse sectors gathered to discuss practical solutions to the issue of marine waste, and especially consumer plastic and fishing debris. 

At the most recent Summit in Halifax in 2019, we hosted 95 delegates representing 59 organizations from Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Québec, and the U.S. who came together to share information and develop collaborative strategies to remove and prevent consumer plastic and fishing gear waste from entering the ocean. A report of our work at the 2019 Summit will be forthcoming. 

Download Clean Ocean Summit Reports

2018 Report English


2018 Rapport Français

2019 Report English


2019 Rapport Français

To join future Clean Ocean Summit action group initiatives, please contact:

Fishing Gear Coalition of Atlantic Canada

Alexa Goodman

Aaron Stevenson

Single-Use Plastics Action Group

Morgan Book

Tony Walker

Microplastics Action Work

Ariel Smith

Katie McLean

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