While we all look forward to the warm summer months, the same sun that makes for a fun day at the beach or lake can also make our homes uncomfortable.

To find out which home cooling tips and techniques are the most effective for our homes, we asked the experts from Clean’s Energy team for their top suggestions.

How does a heat pump help?

We often talk about heat pumps for their energy efficient heating over winter, but they offer cooling options as well. To use a heat pump efficiently in warmer temperatures, our experts recommend only cooling the spaces you’re actually using by shutting the doors to unoccupied rooms. Make sure your windows are shut too!

Did you know? Heat pumps also have a dehumidify mode which is perfect for those days when the air is humid and muggy!

Did you know? Heat pumps also have a dehumidify mode which is perfect for those days when the air is humid and muggy!

What else affects home cooling?

There are other elements of your home that will affect how cool it is inside. Good insulation can make a huge difference to how well a home holds its temperature. It also enables a heat pump to cool your home faster while at the same time using less energy.

It’s also a good idea to regularly check if other ventilation systems like your bathroom fan or heat recovery ventilators (HRV), are pulling hot and humid air into your home.

How can you keep your home cool without a heat pump or air conditioning?

To keep a home cool without forcing cold air in, you want to be vigilant at keeping heat out. A few options that might work include:

  • Be strategic about which windows you open and when – try not to open the ones on the sunny side of your building.
  • Use curtains and blinds to block the intense heat throughout the day.
  • If you have a clean basement, consider using a fan to blow cooler basement air up to the main floor.

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