Nova Scotia's Thriving Forests

Help us plant up to 21 million trees across Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is committed to planting up to 21 million trees as part of the national effort to plant 2 Billion Trees across Canada. The aim is to tackle climate change, mitigate biodiversity loss and secure healthy forest ecosystems for future generations of Canadians.

To support this effort, Clean Foundation is partnering with the provincial government on Nova Scotia’s Thriving Forests. This program is using federal and provincial funding to develop tree planting initiatives across the province.

This will happen by working with interested proponents to develop and fund planting projects, connecting them with service suppliers and supporting a local seed stock inventory.


    Seed Tree Location Form

    We are collecting seed tree locations for our Thriving Forests program.

    If you know of a seed tree or a group of seed trees on your property and/or have permission to harvest seeds, please fill out the form. Your participation is important in helping our province plant up to 21 million trees across Nova Scotia. 

    Who is eligible?

    We welcome expressions of interest from provincial, municipal and local governments, not-for-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, Indigenous organizations and communities. Some private landowners with very large pieces of land may also be eligible.

    What types of projects might be eligible?

    All projects must plant more trees than already exist in an area. Projects cannot be part of business-as-usual commercial forestry activities.

    Examples of eligible projects may include planting trees:

    • an urban area where the trees have fallen to disease;

    • retired agricultural land;

    • along forest roads;

    • when it’s beneficial to replant in forests after a wildfire;

    • places where they improve biodiversity and habitat; and,

    • an area where fire, weather or pests has impacted a critical habitat.

    Are you a service provider?

    To support this program, we will need suppliers of seed stock, materials and personnel. Once we have identified projects, we will match projects proponents with appropriate suppliers to meet their needs. If your project has a specific supplier that you wish to work with, please share that information in your expression of interest.

    Expression of Interest

    If you would like to participate, please submit an expression of interest. Before submitting, please download and review our program overview.

    Project proponents

    Please submit your Expression of Interest here:

    Service providers

    Please submit your business information here:

    Get in touch.

    For general inquiries about Nova Scotia’s Thriving Forests, please contact us at:

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    Nova Scotia’s Thriving Forests is supported by:

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