What a Summer for Clean Leaders!

Sep 20, 2023

As summer transitions into fall, we’re excited to share some of our Clean Leaders’ experiences as we wrap up our Clean Leadership Summer Internships program. This year, we had an exceptional group of Clean Leaders who have been actively exploring employment opportunities in the environmental sector. Read on to learn more about the program and their summer. 

More than a Summer Job 
The Clean Leadership Summer Internship provides paid employment opportunities for youth looking to gain skills and work experience. From promoting Eco-tourism at the Town of Digby to educating the community about waste management at Cape Breton, our Clean Leaders across Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island spent their summer contributing to a cleaner economy.  

Chloe Maillet and Miranda Amiro worked as the Natural Product Research Assistant and Chemical Ecologist Research Assistant, respectively, with Acadia University as Clean Leaders.

We were pandemic students and missed most of our in-person lab sessions due to the lockdown,” said Amiro. “We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the labs.

Maillet and Amiro spent their summer testing essential oils and natural products to find safe ways to control ticks without using harmful chemicals—making a positive impact on both academic research and environmental health.

Mentorship and Networking Opportunities 

This year a total of 100+ youths joined our Clean Leadership Conference in-person and virtually to kick off their summer. During the three-day conference, young professionals got to meet with industry professionals to help them develop skills, achieve educational goals and establish a professional network.

Fatima Halilu, a Research Assistant in Emerging Pollutants Research at Cape Breton University shared her thoughts after attending the Clean Leaders Conference. 

It is important to network and have discussions with people from different fields, fostering creative ideas on how to accomplish amazing things,” shared Halilu. The conference definitely changed the way I thought about the environment, and I gained so much knowledge on things I never even knew existed.

Introducing PEI to Clean Leaders  

This Summer was especially special for our Clean Leadership Summer Internship, as we expanded our program to PEI. 
Our Clean Leader, Jillian McAuley, worked as a Wildlife Technician with Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association (BBEMA). McAuley dedicated her summer to ‘Mission Monarch,’ fostering the growth of the monarch population by releasing and tagging Monarch Butterflies in PEI. By analyzing data throughout their migration, the work hopes to increase and preserve the global monarch population amid climate challenges. 

My experience gave me valuable insight into future career options and finding out what I am passionate about,” said McAuley. Working with BBEMA and Clean allowed me to grow into my passion.

That’s a Wrap!

As the internships winded down, all Clean Leaders had the opportunity to present their employment experiences to their fellow interns and their employers. Thanks to our dedicated funders (Province of Nova Scotia, Divert NS, Province of PEI, ICTC and Trottier Family Foundation) for making this year such a successful one for our Clean Leaders and employer partners. 

Future Clean Leaders

Do you want to spend the next summer gaining paid work experience in the clean economy? Click below to learn more about Clean Leadership Summer Internships.

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