Clean Leadership Professional Internship- Intern Spotlight

By: Gerry Holle, Assistant Project Coordinator- Naveco Power

Can you tell us a little bit about Naveco Power and the project you are working on?

Naveco Power is a small renewable energy company that develops clean wind and solar energy projects, with the goal of benefiting New Brunswick’s environment and economy. I am part of the wind energy team, and as the Assistant Project Coordinator, most of my work focuses on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Chaleur Ventus Wind Farm. Chaleur Ventus Wind Farm is a 20MW wind farm in Anse Bleue, New Brunswick This wind farm will create green jobs in the local community, power homes and reduce emissions equivalent to removing 10,522 passenger vehicles off the road! 

What sparked your interest in the Clean Leadership Professional Internship program?

During my Environmental Engineering degree at Dalhousie University, I was interested in Clean Leadership Summer Internships and upon graduation, I became familiar with the Professional Internship stream. Given that my educational background and interests steered me towards seeking a career within the environmental sector, once I graduated, applying for the Clean Leadership Professional Internship program was a no-brainer. When the Assistant Project Coordinator position at Naveco Power became available through this Professional Internship program, it immediately sparked my interest and I applied right away.

What has been your favourite part of working at Naveco Power?

Naveco Power is a small business and as a result, during my internship I have gained experience in so many different areas of the business and within the development of wind farms. All in the span of a day, I could be doing technical work such as GIS, creating an Environmental Management Plan, or processing an invoice. This internship has opened doors that I couldn’t have expected so soon after graduation.

How has the work that you are doing influenced your interest/knowledge of the environmental sector and/or clean technology?

Employment at Naveco Power has introduced me to wind power technology and New Brunswick’s Environmental Impact Assessment process. Transitioning to a cleaner grid has always been an interest of mine and this internship experience has confirmed that I would like to remain in the renewable energy sector indefinitely. I look forward to continuing to grow in Canada’s green economy.

How has this experience helped you shape and/or work towards your career goals?

This experience has helped me shape my career goals by exposing me to the renewable energy sector, it also helped me discover what I want in future positions. During my time at Naveco I discovered I prefer solving technical and analytical problems compared to other tasks, such as using GIS to explore new potential wind farm sites. The knowledge and skills I have developed during this internship is something I will take with me moving forward.


To learn more about the Clean Leadership Professional Internship program visit our webpage.

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