Imagine taking someone for their first ever drive in an electric vehicle (EV) and seeing them feeling the thrill of it. Well, that is just what the Next Ride team does by providing free EV test drives to people across Nova Scotia. It’s an awesome opportunity for people to learn about an emerging clean transport technology and find out what it would be like to own and operate one.

Nova Scotians can order a Tesla online and have it delivered, as the company does not have a showroom here. So, just how do potential customers or curious members of the public get behind the wheel?

Next Ride partnership with CAA Atlantic allows for EV knowledge sharing

The two-year partnership between Next Ride and CAA Atlantic has been built on a common interest and the sharing of knowledge and resources. To meet the growing demands of the public interested in experiencing what it felt like to drive a Tesla, CAA Atlantic received partial funding from the Connect2 program to purchase a Tesla Model 3. This meant the popular EV would now be made available to Next Ride for public test drives.

“Anyone who has taken a test drive with us will know our team is comprised of very knowledgeable and enthusiastic ambassadors,” said Clean Transportation Manager Sarah Balloch. “We’re lucky to share our EV knowledge through our partnership with CAA and have helped

What was the result?

According to Chief Innovation Officer at CAA Atlantic, Martyn Sibbald, working so closely Next Ride has brought the two organizations closer together as they head into year two of their partnership.

“The Next Ride staff are knowledgeable, friendly and highly-engaging, which makes it feel like an extension to our own Team. During a very challenging year, Next Ride has been extremely agile with the delivery of their test drives, and the results are better than we could have expected under the circumstances,” he said.

For Next Ride’s Electric Vehicle Specialist Brendan Piper, the addition of the Tesla to the fleet has led to fun reactions from Nova Scotians.

“Tesla and EVs are synonymous in the minds of many Nova Scotians,” he said. “It is quite common to have test drivers that are completely thrilled by simply observing the minimalistic interior of the Tesla Model 3—let alone driving it! Other common reactions include, ‘Is that a TESLA?!,’ ‘I get to test drive a Tesla, for FREE?!’ and, not to be forgotten, the common, ‘How can I get one!?’”.

As interest in Next Ride’s test drive spots grows, and with summer on the way, the partnership between Clean Transportation and CAA Atlantic remains as strong as ever. Together they will continue to work alongside one other, to help each other grow awareness of electric vehicles and have a positive impact on the environment and lives of Nova Scotians.

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